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"Take one" - numb my fractured heart . . .
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 3 5
His eyes were a dark slate grey, cold and calculating. I couldn't stand that eerie gaze boring into me, chilling me deep in my core. I will never forget those eyes. I have nightmares purely based on his two grey eyes. I mostly dream of how I'll see them when I burn in Hell.
I know I will see him there. I don't fear the fire and flames – we'll be cold and alone together – only his wrath. I don't know if I can stand his abuse anymore. I don't know if I can love him anymore. It all took so much away from me. I grieved the things I couldn't repair. There were so many. I lost myself completely for his love.
Of course, I found my true calling when my bullet pierced his chest. I won't lie anymore. One day I knew I couldn't change him. I couldn't save him. I couldn't love him. And when he was gone, I was whole once more.
Yes, I was haunted by the cruel reality of the murder I committed, but everything was so much easier when he finally left me. I'll join him soon; he will blame it al
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 3 3
She Jumped
Katanya jumped, unafraid to face the great unknown. She jumped to meet the fierce rushing water beneath her and let her miserable life be swept away by the current. She jumped to drown in the uncertainty that had governed the sixteen years of her life.
Katanya threw herself into the water after waving a silent goodbye to Ronan. Oh, Ronan, the one she loved, the one she had betrayed, who could never love her now. He sent her over the edge. He drove her to madness. For the first time in Katanya's life, she had known love. It hurt worse than any blow, any wound. He could not love her, and so she had nothing left to live for. It was time to jump. She let go.
Much to her dismay, Katanya was not alone on the top of the cliff. As she jumped, hands grabbed her wrists and held firmly, refusing, despite her struggles, to let go. Katanya had no choice but to remain at the precipice's peak. Her face was hot with shame; it was not an unfamiliar feeling. For the first time, she looked upon her savio
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 0 0
"Don't look back," she whispered, breathless. "Whatever you do, do not look back." Her companions were about to protest when Lucy leapt up from the ditch and whipped out her knives.
She opened her mouth and let loose a bloodcurdling scream, inhuman in nature. The soldiers were dead before they even had time to react; blood dripped from chests and necks, daggers protruding from them. A new line stepped up to combat this dangerous, unfazed enemy. Lucy turned to face her comrades one last time.
"GO!" she yelled; they saw a touch of madness in her deep green eyes. Those eyes were empty of fear. Her friends understood why very well, but the doomed soldiers did not.
Lucy smiled wickedly and ran straight for the soldiers, launching a powerful kick at the man in front of her. He fell in seconds, and Lucy reached into her pocket and pulled out a grenade, hiding it for a few precious seconds and pulling out the pin. She tossed it high into the air and waved goodbye to the world, looking death sq
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 1 1
The Unforgiving
"Names are not important, but I was born Sinead Harkin in Dublin."
(From Sinead, a short film by Within Temptation)
I am not afraid to look death in the face. I am only at home when I am alone in the darkness, enshrouded by shadows. The icy cold warms my frigid, inky heart. The melody of the whispering wind fills me with life. The moonlight is my sole companion. Some find me odd – I suppose they are right. Some find me insane – and they may very well be correct. Some find me fear-inspiring – and again, they are not far from the truth. These are the people I hunt down. I make them pay for the crimes they have committed against society. Not that I care deeply about the mortals I protect. I serve these humans because it is my duty. I sinned once. My new life will grant me salvation.
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 1 3
Raven Wings
Pretty colors. Oh, the pretty colors of the night.
My soul is black. Black with anxiety, black with fear.
Jet black with inky darkness,
My quill looping across the pages, blackness traveling everywhere.
Raven feathers, hot tar spread across a starry canvas, illuminated by fingers of pale moonlight, insipid, watery.
Enshrouded by shadows. Obscured by the negative, the nonexistent.
Yin. Yang. Light and dark.
Black wool stretches itself across the sky, drifting aimlessly by in the wind.
Don't be afraid. I'm not afraid. Face the night unafraid.
Lift your raven wings and take flight.
Plummet into the black.
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 1 0
Soul Eater Limericks
Soul & Maka
There once was a boy named Soul
And what was this Death Scythe's goal?
Simply, he was a baka
But Soul did love his Maka
And Maka Chops did take a toll . . .
Black Star & Tsubaki
There once was a boy called Black Star
His patience was not up to par
But Tsubaki saves him
From great peril most grim
He's yet to transcend God so far!
Death the Kid & Liz/Patty
Death the Kid, Shinigami's son,
Had partners who turned into guns,
These weapons, appearing
Identical, he's fearing
Are not, so away, Thompsons, run!
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 22 8
Anything For You Prologue
Maka's face was strangely pallid when she sorted through the small pile of mail in the apartment she shared with Soul. He glanced up from his iPod. "What's wrong?"
She shook her head quickly. "I-it's nothing." She put the pile down and stared wistfully out the window at the setting sun.  
"That's BS," he said softly. "What is it?" Maka turned to him. "Well, you know, Mama's out traveling the world now that she's divorced, and she sends me postcards every few weeks or so. But lately –" she paused. "It's been just over three months since she sent anything. And I know, Mama can take care of herself just fine. But, Soul, I'm worried."
He watched her face for a moment. Tears glistened in her wide emerald eyes. He couldn't stand to see Maka like this.
Maka took a deep breath. "Maybe I'm just being paranoid, maybe her letter got lost in the mail . . . I don't know. I just don't know."
"Maybe we can go look for her and make sure," suggested Soul.
Maka's face lit up at the idea.
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 27 9
Bloodless lips, ashen skin
Your hand so cold in mine
Your image burned into my mind
How I screamed when they tore me away
From the body you left behind
How could you leave me behind?
You made it worth staying
Now you're resting in a troubled peace
I'm crying, begging 'Take me with you!'
Just put me out of my misery
You come to me in nightmarish dreams
Your voice still echoes here
Whisper sweet things in my ear
Loving me, haunting me
Visions blur with time
How could you leave me behind?
Thoughts of you come flooding to me
I am overcome by pain
I should lie there dead in your place
I now scream your accursed name!
Left here soulless in the lovely darkness
My will is not my own
A wicked grin crosses your face; I gotta get out of this place
Can't join you in Hell, can't stay here alone!
Thoughts of you come flooding to me
I am overcome by pain
I should lie there dead in your place
I now scream your accursed name!
Left here soulless in the lovely darkness
My will is not my own
A wicked grin
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 15 6
Mature content
Impulse :iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 16 12
Hollow words cut deep within
They shred right through my paper skin
Somewhere here somewhere inside
This fragile shell I try to hide
The part that missed you when you weren't around
It's locked away now, can't be found
I made that mistake now once before
But I know I can't trust you anymore
Your betrayal left a mark I can't erase
I can never fill this empty space
Chorus: I can't outrun my past
Tangled in your web of lies
Truth was once within my grasp
I've left behind a path of broken goodbyes
Empty . . . so empty and alone
My flaws exposed for all to see
You and your ugly smile mocking me
Now you've drowned my will to fight
Twisted my sense of wrong and right
Left me feeling like I'm to blame
All I got left are guilt and shame
I surrender, you took control
All your shit has taken its toll
Your betrayal left a mark I can't erase
I can never fill this empty space
The pain hits me like a tidal wave
I know now I can't be saved
The pain hits me like a tidal wave
I know now I can't b
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 14 0
Count the scars,
It's time to leave it all behind.
Feed the flames,
Let the blaze consume your soul.
Watch my world crumble to the ground.
Lose my past,
Destroy the bloody evidence.
Immortal regrets I'll never forget
I die a thousand times deep inside.
Chorus: I'm crashing and burning in the
Ashes of a life I don't deserve
I rise up from the smoldering remains
To make the same fucking mistakes again
Strike a match,
And kiss the memories goodbye.
Salty tears
Will not extinguish searing pain.
My tragic flight
Down into my fiery grave;
Time but creeps-
Will I never find repose?
Immortal regrets I'll never forget
I die a thousand times deep inside.
Fight fire with fire
Only time can save me from myself
Chorus X 2
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 10 5
Fight it, Grandma. Beat your cancer.
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 7 8
Algebra Fail
Have you ever felt alone? Do you ever wonder if you belong together with another line on some distant plane, a graph of a linear equation with whom you'd be compatible? The PS, or Perpendicular Service, may be able to help you. We-Line A, slope 4/1 and y-intercept 2; and Line B, slope -1/4 and y-intercept 2, started the PS when we met, not long ago, on March 14, 1592 at 6:53. The PS finds each line's exact soul mate-somewhere, there is a line with a slope that is the opposite and reciprocal of your own. We provide a separate two-dimensional plane for the newly-united perpendicular lines. Opposites attract-you will be able to form four perfect right, or 90°, angles with your new companion. Your intersection will form four sets of supplementary angles, because your strengths supplement your match's. Single lines can stretch on and on forever without intersecting with another line. However, perpendicular lines like us, A and B, will always have one important intersection and four per
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 1 15
Message to Jinmay
Just another damsel in distress
I can't stand your constant perky cheerfulness
Never flawed in the slightest of ways
Mary Sue, anyone?
A disgrace to feminism and to SRMTHFG!
You don't deserve your Hyperforce communicator
Honestly, go back to Skeleton King!
And Sakko is a rabid freak
'The Hills Have Five' was a stupid episode
Exactly who do you think you are? You're just the main character's love interest!
Robots were even cool before YOU showed up and killed it
SRMTHFG! would be better off without you
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 1 10
Six feet under. Heaven tastes salty . . .
:iconlittlegreenmonkey245:littlegreenmonkey245 12 5


Brilliant midnight inspiration!
Next morning, illegible.
:icondoodletigress:Doodletigress 19 11
Luna Lovegood :iconmoonchildinthesky:MoonchildinTheSky 8,156 716 Cutie Sirius for Kotori-chan :icongemiange:gemiange 2,446 275 Sirius Black :iconlyvyan:Lyvyan 1,951 302
Love is a funny thing
The sun was a bloodred as it gradually sunk behind the horizon.  Light beamed through the kitchen windows of the Burrow, giving no need for the use of the kitchen light yet.  A young witch sat at a table, her head rested on her hands in a slouched posture.  The sight of this was utterly depressing.  Sitting across the mousy haired witch was a red haired plump witch.  "Tonks, Dear, it will help to have a word with him." said Molly, in a motherly comforting way.  This had no effect on the near to lifeless Tonks.  "It won't." said Tonks in voice that was not hers.  Her cousin, Sirius was murdered by Bellatrix Lestrange, a few weeks ago in the Department of Mysteries.  After the fight, Tonks had been sent to St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.  Tonks had fought with Bellatrix, her evil cousin death eater.  If only she had fought a little longer, they may have sti
:iconscopsowlpost:scopsowlpost 4 2
Kingsley's Report
Kingley's Report
She'd been sitting in the same position all evening. Very still.
'Somebody ought to give me credit', she thought, because it was not at all like her to be so still. Especially not when she needed the bathroom.
She was aware of everybody staring at her. Because she was new. Because she was so young. Because she looked all but subtle in her ragged jeans and violently rainbow-colored t-shirt. Because she had caused one hell of a noise upstairs only shortly after her arrival.
She didn't know it yet, but the people in this old, dusty house would soon grow accustomed to the thundering crash resulting from the falling umbrella stand.
Pity it hadn't shattered, because she was likely to get her foot caught in the thing more times in the future. Then again, it wouldn't have been a proper start to destroy family treasures by entering a house for the first time. Though, somebody just might have put it back together, anyway.
But could the staring people know she neede
:iconrikamakino:RikaMakino 4 11
Remus' Pensieve
"Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy-warty Hogwarts..."
Tonks murmured the school song as the paced about the living room of Remus' flat. Waiting for Remus to get off work was an awful bore, especially when she was waiting for their date to start. She checked the clock again.
Quarter to six.
She'd last checked five minutes ago, though it felt like half an hour.
Her restless feet took her out into the hallway, into Remus' room. She loved his room. It was so simple and so...him. Decorated forest greens that blended with the clean hardwood floor, it seemed to eminate the very nature of a forest. Some scratches lined the walls from the last full moon. Remus had obviously not found the time to fix these. She sighed, then set about magically sealing the dark green painted wood.
All the furniture was intact, she noticed as she walked the room. Which meant that he'd had time to vanish it. Good...she d when he would come home too late or too tired to ensure that he had a bed intact by morning.
:iconxxblueloverxx:xxBlueLoverxx 14 57
Marry Me - DH Spoilers RT
Had it really been three weeks since he had died…
three weeks since he had got with Nymphadora Tonks…three weeks since he had let his feelings out at last...and knew what he was in the eyes of this woman...his love...his everying.
Despite the tiredness in his voice and the length of the very long day, Remus Lupin still found himself able to laugh with her. His eyes closed the slightest as she cracked a joke to do with Umbridge – a woman they both despised as much as Sirius had despised Snape. The werewolf was holding his waist in agony at the recent “Toad Like” joke
He looked round at her on hearing her call his name, the greying thirty seven year old caught the pink haired Auror’s eyes, who as usual since they'd started dating was grinning from ear to ear rather pleasantly. “You’ve gone red in the face Rem’ I’ve found another way to settle you down.”
Her grinned, a not to easy grin to hide,
:iconstuffsophdoes:stuffsophdoes 12 2
Tonks and Lupin: Final Moments
This part belongs to JK:
        Harry saw Aberforth again, his gray hair flying as he led a small group of students past.  “They look like they might be breaching the north battlements, they’ve brought giants of their own!”
“Have you seen Remus?” Tonks called after him.
“He was dueling Dolohov,” shouted Aberforth, “haven’t seen him since!”
“Tonks,” said Ginny, “Tonks, I’m sure he’s okay—“
But Tonks had run off into the dust after Aberforth.
and this part is mine:
        Tonks sprinted the length of the corridor—Aberforth having covered a suprising distance in the seconds since their exchange—and skidded to a stop by grabbing hold of the wizard’s robes, nearly choking him.
‘Uuunnccckk—What are you doing! They’ve brought giants! We’ve no time to waste!’
:iconguymontage:guymontage 74 87
Tonks and Remus :iconxxnymphadoratonksxx:XxNymphadoraTonksxX 300 39
Fan fiction: Those green eyes
- Lily!
Severus Snape was running up to her on their way to a Charms lesson. She had barely looked at him since that fateful night in fifth grade, when she ended their friendship. Now they were in seventh grade, and they still weren't friends. If nothing happened soon... No, Severus couldn't bear the thought.
- Lily... he said again, not looking at her, in fear of seeing anger or even disgust. - I'm so sorry, Lily... Please, be my friend again...
She didn't reply at first, so Severus looked up. She was staring at him like he was some sort of snail, her hand laying safe in James Potter's. Sirius Black, who was standing next to them, started laughing, and others joined him. Soon everyone around was laughing, except for Remus Lupin, who looked like he was truly sorry for Severus, and Lily herself.
- And why excactly would I want to be friends with you? she asked, her voice full of sarcasm. Severus was staring right into those green eyes of hers, and it took a couple of seconds before h
:iconrescue-cat:Rescue-Cat 17 37
Narcissa Malfoy :iconsecki97:secki97 19 5 hogwarts logo :iconviveie:viveie 35 14 the marauders on the train :iconanguieo:AnGuieO 45 17 -HP- His Dreams :iconkorilin:korilin 2,084 195 Harry Potter :iconsezaku-the-vampi:sezaku-the-vampi 4,258 208


United States
I'm a crazed SRMTHFG fan who loves to write. I was writing g a Season 5 fic-kinda gave up on that. Call me Rowena or Raven or Rachel, preferably one of the first two.

I also like Soul Eater. I'm constantly reading - sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, Shakespeare, manga. ROCK/ALTERNATIVE/METAL MUSIC IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN POP!!! Don't try to argue with me on this one . . . I write emo songs, I've only posted 4 but I have like 20...


I'll be XTheLostLenoreX

Bye people!

Current Residence: Uranus
Favourite genre of music: ROCK!!! Metal too
Favourite photographer: Everybody here
MP3 player of choice: Mine ;D
Skin of choice: Green
Favourite cartoon character: OTTO!!! and Gibby, Antauri, Nova, SPRX, Maka, Soul, black star, Tsubaki, Kid, the Thompsons . . .
Personal Quote: Love is NOT unconstitutional, people!!!
  • Listening to: West Side Story
  • Watching: you
  • Playing: COSplaying, thank you very much!
  • Eating: popcorn
  • Drinking: the blood of my enemies
So right now I'm cosplaying (as America) with Republik-Osterreich (she's South Italy) and Gilbert Kirkland (England XDDD) and an unnamed creepy France . . . will post teh pics!!! Hetalia fans beware O_o



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